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Digestive Leukocytosis

Are Enzyme-Deficient Foods Making You Sick and Weakening Your Immune System?

Leukocytosis refers to an increase in the total number of white blood cells from any cause. It indicates that the body is under attack and these leukocytes (white blood cells) are sent to the site of the attack to help defend it.

Sometimes increased white blood cell activity is caused by disorders such as infection, inflammation, allergic reaction or malignancy. However, beginning in 1897, Rudolph Virchow, “the father of cellular pathology” made studies of the number of circulating white blood cells and considered their elevation to be normal because all his subjects demonstrated an elevated count after ingesting food!

This phenomenon has been confirmed many times since and has come to be referred to as Digestive Leukocytosis. Imagine a person with any immune problem—even a “cold”—and the body having to redirect its immune activities to combat inadequately digested food!

Paul Kautchakoff, M.D., expanded Virchow’s findings in 1930 by proving that digestive leucocytosis was caused by eating enzyme-deficient food. Kautchakoff went so far as to prove that meat would have to be eaten raw (cooking kills its enzymes) to avoid leukocytosis. He also found that cured, salted, canned, cooked meats brought on a violent reaction, equivalent to the leukocytosis seen in poisoning.

These leukocytes (white blood cells) are rich in enzymes and apparently are called upon to finish digestion not completed in the stomach and intestines. They also carry on similar functions during infection when they digest foreign, protein-based particles.

“The reason we take plant based digestive enzymes with our meals is to replace the enzymes that are destroyed by cooking, processing, long storage, etc.”

Obviously, they would not be called upon if the body were capable of supplying 100% of the enzymes needed to digest the food ingested.

This pathological condition occurs after ingesting cooked food, because the enzymes found in food (capable of digesting in the stomach) are destroyed at about 118 degrees Fahrenheit and are no longer available. The amount of heat necessary to kill the enzymes depends on which food you are considering.

Dairy has the lowest temperature at 106 degrees. The body needs those enzymes to perform pre-digestion of ingested food, and when they are not present, the body must mobilize its immune system to combat the effects of deficiency.

The reason we take plant based digestive enzymes with our meals is to replace the enzymes that are destroyed by cooking, processing, long storage, etc. These enzyme supplements help to digest the food in the upper portion of the stomach, allowing the body to assimilate the nutrients from the food in the small intestine. Taking enzymes reduces digestive leukocytosis and helps return the blood to normal.

R-Garden has been selling and promoting plant based enzyme formulations since we began in 1990. Maximizer and Quadra-Zyme Plus are the enzymes we take with meals. Gamma Zyme is also a complex digestive enzyme formula, but without the protease, which sometimes irritates the open lining of the stomach in people who suffer from ulcers.

Taking enzymes regularly can help take a heavy burden off your pancreas, liver and other organs, whose enzymes are regularly “borrowed” to help with the enzymeless cooked foods we eat so much of.

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